WOW’s Gabriel Gray makes headlines!

Walkin’ On Water’s Gabriel Gray made the news, with a front page picture too! Panama City’s largest newspaper wrote a fantastic article on Gabriel and Justin’s  progress with the Expedition Florida 500 and their efforts  with paddling in the name of conservation!

read the article on News Herald’s website:

The Expedition Florida 500 (EXF500) is a project created by the organization: Mother Ocean,  founded by Justin Riney,  whose purpose is promoting conservation, importance, and awareness of all bodies of water throughout the world.  EXF500 will work diligently to create, inspire, and empower ocean advocates worldwide, Riney states , “Our goal with Expedition Florida 500 is to merge our passion for ocean advocacy with an incredible storyline that resonates with the masses…”, and resonate they have, acquiring thousands of fans and newly inspired ‘ocean advocates’ within a short period of time, this conservation series, has done so much, making all the hard work and sacrifice seem insignificant.