The Pro Stand Up Board

Dancing With Waves – An entire pro team worked on this board, to create one amazing design. If your thing is airs, 360′s, past vertical lip smashes and more, then this is the board for you. Amazingly forgiving, incredibly fun, insanely responsive. The problem with this board is that it’s so much fun that before long you’re going to start surfing like a pro.
Dimensions: 9′ x 29″ x 3 3/4″ – 108 ltr
Weight: 18.00lbs
Max load: 210lbs
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Siren Stand Up Board

Light, fun & chic – Designed for women, the Siren is at home in both flat water and in the surf. The nose has an efficient and narrow displacement profile so it cuts effectively through the water giving you great glide and making it easier to get the paddle in the water. And the classic rounded pin tail and bottom concave makes this board surf like a pro.
Dimensions: 10’6″‘ x 30″ x 4.5″ – 147 ltr
Weight: 16.00lbs
Max load: 250lbs
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Wizard Stand Up Board/Kayak

The Swiss Army Knife – From simple evening paddles after work, to all day fishing trips, to paddles down the coast, exploring bays and estuaries, this SUP has you covered. Large hatches for easy access to the inside, a flip up seat-back and heel rests so you can paddle it seated, fishing rod holders, deck bungees for storage, and more.
Dimensions: 11′ x 35″ x 8″ – 336 ltr
Weight: 64.00lbs
Max load: 320lbs
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Surfer Stand Up Board

Simple & Versatile – From yoga enthusiasts, to kids at play, or anyone simply wanting to tan out on the water, the Surfer brings it all. Wide, stable and easy, it will get you out there and onto the waves “right now.” As good as it is at the beach, the Surfer is great to cruise pristine lakes, and explore backwater bays and inlets.
Dimensions: 9’9″ x 34″ x 6″ – 241 ltr
Weight: 44.00lbs
Max load: 310lbs
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Trainer Stand Up Board

Speed With Ease – We took the whole concept of the Sprinter and put it onto a platform that’s easier to handle for most users. Wider and flatter through the center section, the trainer is more stable in all conditions, while still maintaining most of the glide the sprinter has. This allows you to concentrate on your paddling, not staying upright.
Dimensions: 12’6″ x 30″ x 8″ – 261 ltr
Weight: 26.00lbs
Max load: 250lbs
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Search Stand Up Board

Coastal Trotter – One of the attractions of SUP is the ability to cruise around looking for waves, avoiding the crowded lineups. The problem is creating a design that is both an efficient paddling board so you can explore the coast, yet one that excels at surfing like a performance board once you’ve found the waves.
Dimensions: 10′ x 29″ x 4″ – 142 ltr
Weight: 21.00lbs
Max load: 230lbs
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Crossover Stand Up Board

Surf Utility Vehicle – The name says it all for this amazing shape, which truly is opening doors and possibilities from coast to coast, and everything in the middle. A clean sweeping V-bow cuts effortlessly through the water, before running into the subtle concave center section and shallow V tail. The Outline of the tail combined with the rocker make this board surf like a charm for its size.
Dimensions: 12′ x 31″ x 4 1/2″ – 199 ltr
Weight: 25.00lbs
Max load: 260lbs
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Spitfire Stand Up Board

Creek Boarding – This is the next generation of radical whitewater SUP design. While it does not offer the initial stability and ease of the Rapidfire, the Spitfire will allow you to take your whitewater SUP to a whole new level. The increased maneuverability, responsiveness and volume of this design means you can run harder rapids with more precision. If you’re ready to step it up, then this is the board.
Dimensions: 9′ x 35″ x 10.2″ – 307 ltr
Weight: 35.00lbs
Max load: 220lbs
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